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Default Re: Im so frustrated--Bottle caps

Originally Posted by mytwogirls View Post
Does it look like your top coat stuff seeped under your paper? I'm not familiar with "easy cast". I use modge podge to adhere and seal my image and then Envirotex Lite. I have had the problem of my ET getting under my images if they are not sealed really well. I mainly had this problem when using my own printer and photo paper to print my images. I've started printing them at Walmart now and haven't had that problem.
I do the same thing now. I used to use nail polish to seal my images but sometimes they would be ok and sometimes not. I LOVE using the modge podge to seal!!! You can't beat the envirotex lite, IMO That stuff is awesome! I am not familiar with easy cast either Lots Lots cheaper to print at walmart for me than on my own computer!! I know that I didn't use the envirotex lite for the longest because of the price but then I used my 50% off at hobby lobby and got it for $10 and it goes a looooong way!!! HTH
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