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Default Re: How Tonya attaches bottlecaps... :)

Originally Posted by edenhopehairbows View Post
Lake O' Hot Glue! lol!
That's a great way to attach them! Thanks for the idea....I was wondering if you have any tips on how to seal them once the picture is on...I know I've read that you should use epoxy resin, but I don't have a really well ventilated area to do it in and it's too cold outside. Any ideas?
I started out with the page pebbles, but they wouldn't stick on anything but regular paper for me and water would seep under the edge and run the ink together. So, I've been using the Envirotex Lite and really like it so far, even if I don't get the cool 3D bubble like with the page pebble stickers.

It's been chilly here too. I use a super old rusty jellypan cookiesheet thing covered in a double layer of foil with a piece of chicken wire over the top for the resin to drip through. Put my bottlecaps on top, mix the resin, pour it over and let it sit 5 minutes, blow the bubbles off the top, cover it with a box and carry the whole thing out into my garage. The smell disssipates pretty quickly and even though I did the work part of it in comfort, we don't have to smell it the whole 24 hours.
Have a great day! ~ Tonya
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