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Default Re: Can someone give me a suggestion please...

Originally Posted by JakeGigiandLolasMommy View Post
I live in the southern-most tip of TX. Moms I know usually buy the bows at stores, boutiques, etc. I don't see too many little ones wearing custom bows at my son's preschool. I never planned on selling any of my bows, but a parent of my son's classmate asked if I could make a set for her daughter and what would I charge her for it. I am hesitant, but I do get compliments from other moms on the korkers & clippies.

I'd check out the price at the boutiques and go from there. I am not familiar with TX so I don't know what the market will bear.

No one wears custom bows @ our preschool, just basic single layer grosgrain. Unless it's a holiday, then you might get something more interesting in a print or pattern. I can honestly say that I have never seen anyone wearing a multi layered fancy bow in person. They are beautiful, but for me not practical from a business standpoint unless I wanted to sell OL. It's all about knowing your market.
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