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Originally Posted by Kaipai7 View Post
Thanks for all the responses. I had one quick question. When you say "spread" do you mean actually spreading the silicone on the ribbon? I've just put a small "line" in the middle of the ribbon and let dry. I didn't spread it out like "jam"

I have seen it applied in just a straight line, and that works with double prong clips, I use alot of single prongs clips too though and I prefer it spread. It really seems to hold better too, IMO.

I lay down sheets of wax paper and put dots on the ribbon every 6 inchs or so then use my finger to spread the dots out. Then (and this is important) I pick up each siliconed ribbon and lay it out on freash wax paper so that when it dries all the excess doesn't dry over the edges of the ribbon.

I also like to spread it out becuase the clips lays flatter and just looks neater. I use the same method on the inside of my baby headbands. The only difference being I do not spread the silicone all over the inside of the headbands, I only spread a thin bit at 4 points, just about on the forhead, behind the ears and back of the head. It works really well.
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