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Default Re: interchangeable bows on shoes

Originally Posted by AdrisMommy View Post
I am thinking that you could somehow cut a slit in the top of them like the Moo Shoo's are. Hmmm. I might have to try something. I have a pair that I have to paint and decorate for a pageant for Mardi Gras on Feb 2. I might experiment. I will post pics.... Great idea. DO you think a wood burner would work?? Cut and seal a slit in one swoop??

I don't know...because unlike ribbon, where you can just cut off what you burned I was afraid if I messed up, then the shoe would be messed up...even if you couldn't see the mess because the bow would hide it, I don't want it to look ugly, lol! Plus, if I make it too big, the clip would move around. My first thought was just an exacto knife to cut a slit and maybe fray check it. I'm sure I have some old shoes of dd's around here to experiment with, too.

I'd love to see your painted shoes when you're done! I have seen the cutest painted shoes on etsy !

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