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I will agree....when I first became a member and did a lot of reading, I came across some obnoxious posts which had me intimidated to ask questions because I didn't want to be made a fool of. Some people just need quick answers instead of spending so much time trying to search it out. I know that I spent many, many, many hours on here in the beginning looking through older posts. I still don't think I have made it all the way through. This forum should first and foremost be a resource for people. That's what it is all about. People (ESPECIALLY) newcomers should be able to ask questions without fear of persecution. There is no doubt that many people on here spend countless hours doing research and don't feel so ready to offer tips to those who may seem to be taking the easy road....HOWEVER, this forum should be about a willing heart to offer any advise/tips that can make a newcomer's adventure be a little less complicated than some of ours. I am more than happy to help people to not make some of the same mistakes that I did in the beginning. If someone does not wish to share their knowledge and help, then simply don't. Bottom line, if you don't have anything nice to say.....not say anything.
Okay, that is my soapbox and now I'm getting down. Ladies, let's please keep in mind that this is not a place where people should get attacked or embarrassed.
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