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Default Re: Can you make this for me......

Originally Posted by AdrisMommy View Post
We only do "Fair and Festival Pageants". These are all natural pageants that focus on the childs personality and beauty. Not just beauty. I much prefer that. It is all focused on good sportsmanship, etc. No way like Glitz. They are also more affordable. Most pageants are Sunday's Best (Smocked Clothing), so you buy one dress for the season and wear it numerous times! You also have casual wear themed pageants though. For instance, we have a MArdi Gras pageant in Feb. In Louisiana, we have a website: Louisiana Association of Fairs and Festivals Home Page Not sure about other states. HTH!
Hey-- y'all wish us luck, I just found out there are 17 2-3 year olds in my daughters group Saturday at her pageant!! EEEEKKKK!!!!!
The one that we attend is the same. For my grands age group it is beauty and personality. It is also sunday best and the other categories require off the rack, except for any holiday wear. They allow costumes and props for that, which makes it so much more fun. Good luck at your pageant, I would be so nervous with those numbers.
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