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Originally Posted by lilredsmiles View Post
I have every color in 1/4, 3/8, and 7/8. I love it.

IMO it is much thinner than Schiff or Offray. I starch and bake my boutiques to get them to hold their shape. Pros: It is easier to stitch through and the 3/8 is slightly wider and covers alligator clip well. It seems wider than the Schiff/Offray 3/8, and for less than .03/yard for the 3/8??? You just can't beat it. One downside with UB ribbon is the fact that the color may bleed if two different colored ribbon are touching while baking, especially red.

I'm also a huge fan of their satin edged organza.

Shelley, I have that problem with my ribbon bleeding when baked IF the temp is too high! In any brand of ribbon.

Alison, I will probably be doing a group buy on the forum next week sometime, so you will be able to order then, in increments of 10 yards. I will post all of the details later on though!! THANKS!!
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