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I have searched myself for information using search function and have gotten pages and pages and pages of wrong information. Things that had nothing to do with what I was searching for. I am the worst when it comes to keywords, etc.
I signed up for this forum way before many of you, but just came and read posts and left and went back to not coming in here to read. I have read some awesome osts by posters and have also read some that would turn off any newbie. Some people are just plain rude. Typing and trying to get your point across can be taken many ways. There is a wealth of knowledge within this forum, we all know that, and the wealth should keep flowing. I asked someone a few months ago a question thru a PM and was told I dunno, look it up on google. I never did find that information. One thing I have learned with yahoo groups and forums is do not assume people know how to use google or search functions. Cuz some people are just not savvy at it.
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