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I remember the first time i came here i had never ever been on a forum. I was reading through the threads to get used to the place and find my way around. I cam across a thread where there were about 10 pages of posts. A new lady had asked a question and she literally had her head bittne off for asking a question before she introduced herself. She had her 10 month old daughter on her lap while tying so it was a short post but she apologised and explained that she had a child on her lap. What followed can only be described as cruel and i can tell you that lady has not been back on the forum. In my honest opinion the world is bloody cruel enough without us all getting our knickers in a twist over a question. Rewind back to the day you discovered this goldmine of information! I remember being overwhelmed and really really excited because i had found all these fabulous women who could actually help me if i was stuck. I love this forum so much and i consider a great deal of you friends. It just disappoints me when the newbie gets a hard time cos we were all at our first post at one time.............
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