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Default Re: Starching Question

Originally Posted by SweetTexasBazaar View Post
I ran into the hammer and nails issue LOL when using hairspray but not since I've used starch and baked them. Maybe try that. That hairspray is a beast though. I've gotten mixed reviews. Some people love it that "hard" because it holds a great shape... but if people are looking and touching they get kind of freaked out.

So.. I would say just enough to hold the shape but still be pliable
ROFLMAO! One of my ribbons was already kinda stiff off the roll, and by the time I got through with it, it could have caused an awful nasty open wound to a kid's ear!

I did the hairspray thing in the beginning, but then I stopped when I read a post from someone being concerned about her customer's potential allergies - which I hadn't thought of.

Now I do the sta-flo thing, which is working okay, but the hairspray dried faster and I'm very impatient when it comes to waiting games.
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