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Originally Posted by sla762 View Post
OK, crafty ladies. I am at a total loss when it comes to this stuff!!!!! Someone - help!!!! This is not bow related, but craft related. I have been making some decorative clipboards with scrapbook paper. Just made an amazing one for a raffle at school next Tuesday - and dang if after all paper, etc. was glued down, I went over the entire thing with MP, and the paper is now all wavy!!!!! I could freakin' cry!!!! Should I NOT be using this crapola to seal??? Maybe just spray with acrylic sealer??? I do not get it!!! Why does everyone use it on paper, but it wrinkles and ruins your project!??!?!?!? HELP!!!!

I've had the same problem. I never understand how people can get the paper to look so good after they use MP. I end up having to spray it with an acrylic sealer. You can check out this maybe email the girl that writes the blog she maybe able to answer your question.
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