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I dont find it offensive at all. I agree with Missy Kay though. Some people come on the forum, and just post 50 threads in 10 minutes..just being lazy, and not wanting to actually search for the answer, like we all did when we started with this. I know this forum is to help each other out, and many of you know I love nothing more than helping others out, but I am not gonna hold someones hand and start their bow business for them when they are too lazy to google something simple.

That being said, I also agree with Alison, the written word has no emotion, and can be read in an ill manner. Some people take offence to constructive criticism, even though they may have asked for it. The best way to take this forum is with a grain of salt. Dont get mad over something that has happened or said on the forum. Just brush it off you shoulder and keep on truckin!!
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