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Default Re: Crochet headband tutu dress.

A lot of people use the 1.5" headband but I dont like the way it looks because there are so many holes. When I use the 5.5" or 6" headband and fold it in half there are far fewer holes and it looks a lot better. This also allows for more tulle to be tied on making the skirt fuller. I dont think an undershirt is necessary when I fold it. HTH

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Ok so you dont need to heat seal it. I cut two and stitched them together. I did it by hand because I was at a show and did not have a machine with me but I think it would be way better to use a machine. I did a whip stitch and went around each seam twice. I pulled and pulled to see if it would come apart and it would not. I will have to play with it a little to get the sizes just right but the two together looks to be about a girls 5/6. Unfortunately I dont have pictures because someone bought both of the ones I made today WOO HOO! I have some orange tulle so I am going to do black and orange and see how it looks. My next show is in 2 weeks so we will get pictures of this one before it sells!
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