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Default More cheer bow help~!

Okay, so I got four batches of cheer bows made with no problem....however, my last batch is giving me fits! Here's the make up of the bow. 2 1/4 black with sequined bonded to it with heat n bond...then a layer of 1 1/2 inch zebra with 7/8 green bonded to it with heat n bond. All that went fine, until I tried to bond the 1 1/2 to the sequined 2 1/4 black sequin. I tried to bond lightly so I didn't scorch....didn't stick. Then I turned up the iron to HOT and it still did stick. The 1 1/2 is just peeling off the sequined black 2 1/4 like nothing. Is there a trick? Should I just use my handy dandy E6000?
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