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Default Re: Can you make this for me......

Originally Posted by csrascmom View Post
I checked out the website, and for the natural beauty it is supposed to be off the rack. But for optionals I am assuming you can do anything, because it doesn't say. At the couple naturals that I have been to, gymboree is popular for casual wear. But if you want something alot more fun, you should check out Kashmir Moon's tye dye outfits. I was just looking and wish that I would have known about her before my grand's christmas pageant. Some of her outfits would have been good ones for the holiday wear. If you want to get some ideas you could look at the website of the pageant company we attend. It is She also has a myspace with alot more photos that could give you some ideas. I am not sure what that link is, but she is under Grace-Heavenly Angels. Hope that helps and I'll keep thinking about somthing you could do.
thanks....i am going to check that out.....i am so excited, finally this after two boys....whoooohoooo....
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