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Default Re: Anyone know where I can find instructions to make...


Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
I make these quite a bit.

I usually throw in korkers in there.

All I do is get about anywhere from 18 to 36 pieces of ribbon.

I cut 7/8 ribbon 6" long and then "v" cut them and seal them.

Next I get my thread and needle and start doing an accordian fold to sew each one separatly. After the first one is in there then I do the same to the next one but instead of stacking it on top of the first ribbon I angle it right next to the first ribbon. I basically go clockwise with the ribbon. It takes 9 to make a complete circle. The do your next layers the same way pending on how poofy you want it to look. Next you just use thread or thin ribbon to tie it together in the center and you are done. All you need to do is decide if you want to attach it to a pony tail holder or a clip.

If you go to the bowfriends website that was posted above the instructions are in there and I have pics of my firecracker/korkers in there.
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