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I did this too and mine fell apart also! I stopped using E6000 when my first tube ran out and only use the hot glue or Jewel-it for rhinestones.

Originally Posted by JenniCA View Post
I just discovered something about E6000. I came across several bows
I had made about 3 months ago that were glued to the ribbon lined clip with E6000. To see if they were still stuck on good I pulled on the ribbon lining the clip. Much to my surprise it came right off. The glue was brittle and was not stuck much at all.
This upsets me because I thought E6000 was like a forever glue.
That tells me that anything I made using E6000 months ago is probably falling apart!
And that does not make me happy. I know I used a new tube of glue because I had just started making bows and that is all I used.
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