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Default Re: 2 loop pinwheel (instead of 4)

You know, that is an interesting question. I saw a very cute pair of two loop pinwheel bows on a cheer bow site and was wanting to make a pair myself.

When I made a "figure 8" with ribbon like I was going to make a boutique bow, but extended the tails out past center, and even with the loops, it seemed to at least replicate what I had seen. After that just bunched and tied the center. HTH!

Originally Posted by mommy-san View Post
Okay, so I ordered some of the wholesale pinwheel bows from HG, and love them. Now i want to make them with all the ribbon I ordered! They have only one loop on each side. I have tried and tried but mine come out looking very different. I have tried both sewing and tying. ( I can do reg. pinwheels no prob.) Am I a big putz or is there a trick to it?

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