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Originally Posted by princess_stinkypants_mom View Post
But hate taking pictures of them-ha! Maybe if I was a photographer it would be easier, but I was just concerned with making her happy rather than getting a cute and cuddly shot! The paci at least matched some of the flowers in her dress...and she is 3 weeks old, so if she wanted the paci, I let her have it In most of them I was just playing around in photoshop. I crack up at the first one because we counted to 3 and yanked the paci out and if you look close you can see she's still sucking
LOL you did a great job. Personally I love the pic where she is still sucking...kind of makes her look pouty. It can be hard do a session with infants depending on their mood and personality. I have had some where I could do anything I wanted and some where they are crying in every pics. I agree it's hard to get good pics when all you want to do is make them happy :-) I do the same thing
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