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Default Re: Nothing about bow making~~Maternity Pics

Thanks ladies! I am shooting her surprise wedding this Friday (she just told every last friday. Their original wedding was scheduled for this past June but they postponed it till next June b/c of the baby. Now they've decided they definatly want to be married before the baby is born. There is only gonna be less that 30 people and it's not a big thing so they didn't want to hire a photographer...I guess I'll have to do

BTW they went with the blue boxes around the card. Their wedding is this weekend and thier babyshower is next Saturday...

Originally Posted by AnnetteNikole View Post
hey! Pics look very cute! Lovely! I just had to make a recomendation to you when you said you had a hard time shooting when you weren't in auto... it's a book called Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson... best thing ever!!! Well worth it to buy... but if you are saving your pennies, check out your local libraries, many have it :-) It is probably the best thing I've read since starting into photography! He also has some other great books... seeing creatively or something like that is great for composition and such!
Thanks! I am so looking for that book...we just bought a new house so are pinching pennies so I am gonna look for a library around here (how sad I have no idea where one

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OMGosh way to cute.. You look BEAUTIFUL!!
Thanks but it's not me it's SIL still she'll love it when I tell you you said she was beautiful....every preggo lady needs that boost.

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Gorgeous pictures!! You are so pretty and your belly is adorable!
LOL thanks but not me it's SIL but I will tell her you said that
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