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Default Re: Can you bake printed ribbon?

Originally Posted by forpaws View Post
I'm pretty new at this, but I can say that my experience with baking printed ribbon hasn't gone so well.

Baking solids went great, except for a little problem with the stronger colors bleeding on others, so as suggested here, I just put waxed paper or aluminum foil between those that bleed and the others. Worked fine.

My printed ribbon consists of the ribbon you can buy from the various shops online that has the pretty designs on it. When I have baked it, the design bleeds nearly every time..just enough that it makes the design appear slightly smeared or blurry. I have also had the color transfer onto the other layers of the bow, and on one or two designs, the overall color of the ribbon faded.

This is just my experience, however. Others may have had great results. I just haven't, so now I just spray with sta-flo and call it quits. I have also sprayed lightly and ironed the ribbon prior to folding it when I felt it was just too floppy.

How hot is your oven?
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