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Originally Posted by csrascmom View Post
I don't think that they are too expensive to make. I haven't actually figured it out yet. I have been making a few for the grands. I think that the crimp beads were like 1.99 for a pack of 40. I bought packs of mixed beads and can get about 3 from a pack ( at the grand's size, they are 2 and 3 yrs old.)that were 1.93. A pack of the wire to use is like 2.00 and a yard of ribbon. So not real expensive. If I have to guess I would say about .75 to a 1.00. That's probally guesssing a little high.'s not expensive especially if you get 'em plastic beads or findings from WM. BUT, , if you start using the crystals and cats eyes beads etc etc expensive beads, it does run high for just one headband.

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of course, ebay always cheaper

I'm not all that. I just like the last part.
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