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Default Re: Cheer bow help needed

While I agree the quality of ribbon may be making a difference, might I also suggest using E6000 glue. The only difficulty I have run into with that is when using light colored ribbon. It does tend to bleed through. But if you are using darker ribbons on top, that will not be a problem.

I would use the heat n bond on the first layer and then the E6000 on the rest. That will definately help. It smells terrible, but it works and the bows aren't quite as stiff as cardboard in the end.

Originally Posted by murolyushka View Post
Yes, I am using grosgrain. I kinda iron it like usually. The thing is, that I use 3 layers of ribbon, 2.25, 1.5 and 7/8. 7/8 fuses very good, but 1.5 easily peels off. They are different quality though......
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