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Default Re: New interchangeable headband tutorial...

I also tested the instructions for the nylon headbands and I have to totally agree that they are WONDERFUL!!!! I have had nylons in my supply stash for a while now and have never made any and used them for this tutorial & I LOVE IT! I will never try another way of making them after testing these instructions! I don't sew often at all on the machine except for my ribbon t-shirts and even a first time sewer could do the sewing listed in the tut. Great Job on the tut and best of luck to you on the sales! If customers would take the chance and give them a whirl they won't be disappointed! Thanks again for letting me be a tester for you

P.S. Also tried these instructions on some polka dot stretch headbands I had ordered from accessories palace and they worked on them too LOVE THEM!
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