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Default Re: Awesome Korkers For Sale!!!

Originally Posted by princessfancypants View Post
you REALLY need to get a good system going! Prekork your ribbon (((sorry should have said my ribbon is already korked lol though I am now wiped out! I just sold it all before I learned I was excepted into the fair URGH

Anyway if you prekork your ribbon it really only takes about 4 min to cut and seal and another min to make it!

not to long korking the ribbon is what takes FOREVER and I am DREDDING that part !
It's the cutting/sealing and assembling part that I hate. It takes so long even using a woodburning tool.

Korking the ribbon just sucks over here. British ovens are so small and I can't kork alot at once my dowels are only 14-15 inches long.
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