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Default Re: Do you line toggle headbands so they won't slip

Okay I am new to making toggle headbands and although "princessfancypants" has answered a lot of my questions I will try not and bother her anymore and so I will ask you girls hehe! How do you line then with silicone and where do you get the silicone? Also I followed "princessfancypants" directions for making toggle headbands and it was SO easy but I do have a question about it. Her directions says to measure and cut at 28 inches. I did that and then put it on my 8 month old daughters head and there was a little tail and so I tried it on my head and there was only about 3 inches for a tail. Is that normal? I guess in my head I imagined them to have a longer tail hanging out under the hair so it just seemed off to me. Does anyone have a picture of someone wearing a toggle headband that I can see? Thanks girls!
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