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Default Re: Pony Tail Streamers w/bottle caps?

Originally Posted by cutiepea View Post
When I attach bottle caps to pony tail streamers I use the same method as attaching them to bows. I cut a piece of 3/8" ribbon and glue it to the center of the bottle cap. I use E6000 glue and put a big glob in the center (I've heard it referred here to as a "lake of glue"), lay the ribbon in the glue and with a toothpick push the ribbon down into the glue until it is sort of sunken into the glob. I also make sure the ribbon is glue to the inside sides of the cap. (I usually let the E6000 set over night too.) Once it's dry I hot glue the cap to the center of the pony tail streamer and then wrap piece of ribbon around the streamers and the elastic pony tail holder and hot glue and/or sew the ends.

Make sense? Let me know if you still have questions...I'm happy to help. Good Luck!
This is how i do it.
Boutique Bottle Cap, Scrabble Tile and Glass Tile Images

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