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Originally Posted by crystal052605 View Post
i made the round elmos on etsy. i searched for them before i put them on there, and about a week later everyone had them. cut 6 5 in. pieces of red 3/8 in. ribbon. stack the ribbons even and put a needle through the middle, but don't pull it through (hold them on the needle) then spread them out so they make a circle and one-by-one bring over the ends onto the needle ( don't crease the ribbon though) after you have all ends on the needle, tie it off. then get an orange pompom for his nose, 2 wiggle eyes, and cut a piece of black ribbon for his mouth.
for the spiked ends one, it's pretty much the same thing but you don't fold it over. cut dove tails in the ribbon ends and put a needle through the middle, spread out to make a circle, and sew. then and pompom, wiggle eyes, and mouth.
Congrats it is a very nice version of elmo I had not seen it before love the
spike`s one

OMG This is soooo weird........I remeber reading this a while ago...but I didn`t write it. THIS IS NO MY POST. I`ve never even made an Elmo bow.......I am sooo confused how can this apper under my name if I didn`t write it. Hope the person who wrote it reads this and understands there is a mistake here something is very wrong here.
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