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Default Re: What kind of glue do you use?

Hello all. I am new to the forum but have been browsing around for a while. I will make an official hello in the newbie thread next. One of the topics I have searched on a daily basis is about glue. I have tried hot glue but it doesn't hold for me, used fabric hot glue and it worked great except that it is white and sometimes showed, and Fabri tac which I like but sometimes the ribbon will come off of the clip. Now throughout my "research" on here, I have learned a few things. Hot glue sticks are good if you can control the amount used and get the right brand, some glue sticks just don't work, E6000 stinks and probably isn't non-toxic, fabri-tac doesn't work well on metal, and double-sided tape works with the occasional dab of hot glue. I am going to be running a sort of experiment over the next week or so with different types of glue products that everyone has mentioned and then post the results afterwards. It may take me a while due to 3 kids but I will get it done. lol.
I have gained so much knowledge from everyone that posts on here, so Thank you very much!
I have also found a helpful chart of Beacon glue products and I will post the site for it:
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