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Default Re: OT - painters / artists HELP! What kind of paint?

DH and I make yard art and if it's a large area, we paint with exterior latex because it doesn't fade like acrylic can sometimes. (You can buy those little sample cans of a color for a couple bucks if you don't want to buy a quart or gallon.) But if I'm blending a color or personalizing a sign with a name, I go for acrylic....blends so much better and seems to be thicker. And if your doing some kinda of line, like what was on some of those signs, I use a paint pen. I don't have a really steady hand so that's easier for me than using a brush. Our yard art goes outside in the yard so we protect ours with a coat of water based polyurethan.(Can, not covers better) It looks kinda milky when you open it, but dries clear. It's MUCH better to me than oil based polyurethan because it washes off your hands much easter AND doesn't discolor light paint, like oil based does. (If you use oil based, your white can look yellow...ick!)
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