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Default Re: Does anyone know how to make a witches hat

i don't know about making witch hats [i was looking for that earlier today too], but as far as the tutus... i used to hate making them on ribbon because they'd fall apart so easily, until someone told me to tie them with square knots instead of the loopy knots all the tutorials tell you to use. i still use the loopy knots for my tutus made on ribbon cause i can get them super tight. i had to google square knots for a tutorial, but it's just your basic knot, you tie it once and then a second time, but the second time you do the opposite of what you did the first time. so say you went over then under, the second time you go under then over. i'm confusing, i know, but google "square knots" and you'll see. and it works perfect for me! and be sure not to tie them too tight, otherwise you'll stretch out the elastic too.
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