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Default Re: those who use Sealah..

I use something similar to sealah. I've found that there are certain ribbons that just won't work with the tape... maybe I'm doing something wrong. Works great with satin and most grosgrain, but the really slippery ribbon like some American Craft ribbon "pops" off.

I'm thinking that it also might have to do with cure time. The sealah tape as well as other similar tapes do have a curing time which is normally 24-48 hours. I absolutely DO NOT sell my clips until they've been together at least 48 hours. If you don't line the ribbon and then the clip at the same time or shortly after, the curing starts without the lined clip being completed. Does this make any sense? Okay, basically if you take the tape off the roll, the sticky part that is exposed to the air begins to cure, but since the sticky is all one part between the slick pieces, the whole thing begins to cure. That way, if you line the ribbon and wait to line the clip, it will be partly cured and won't stick to the clip as well.

I'm sure there's a better way to explain this LOL! I hope it makes sense and helps.
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