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Default Re: Very basic, easy bow

Originally Posted by MaiTaiMary View Post
I was referring to post #2. I didn't understand what she meant.

I could post a picture of my bow, but it's so pathetic I don't want to be laughed at! *lol*

The term "boutique bow" refers to a certain bow, altough everyone's terminology is always slightly different and some people use the term "boutique bow" when actually referring to a "twisted boutique bow".

Here is a basic boutique bow, which is what I'm guessing she was referring to:

When she said, "have the back", I believe she meant if it doesn't look right then turn it over b/c you might be looking at the back and not the front. And "fluff" means to fluff the bow, as in, manipulate the loops by pulling, twisting and scrunching them until they look like they should. Here is how to fluff a twisted boutique bow:

These instructions for a pinwheel bow are what I started with:
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