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Default Re: those who use Sealah..

Originally Posted by mytwogirls View Post
I've not used the actual "Sealah" brand, but have been using something similar that was offered on a group buy on here. I still worry about the same thing too. I can pull at it a lot more than when I use hot glue. I have been using it though because it is a lot easier and looks better I think. I was wondering about using the tape but putting a little dab of hot glue at the end of the ribbon where it attaches at the backside of the clip. Does that make since? I wondered if this would work. This is the spot that I really worry about kids picking at it and thought maybe a dab of hot glue there would ease my concerns.
I use both hot glue and sealah tape, depends on my mood and what I have out at the time. When I use the tape, I do the same exact thing, put a dab of glue at the end of the ribbon. I think it helps to reninforce it.
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