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Default Re: Does anyone know how to make these??

Originally Posted by quinnponders View Post
Yep, just a small X on each flower!

I use the hydrangeas for their size and bang for the buck. You get a ton of those suckers off the stem. I really like the ones that have a velvet feel to them but they seem to be somewhat seasonal at HL and Micheal's. I do know that HL has 50% off their flowers this week though.

As for the hat, I prefer the knit but I don't really think it matters. I just find them easier to work with than the crochet ones.
Thanks! I live in Japan but I would love to go to HL. I miss it so much. I might wait to make mine until Oct. because I will be going back to the states to visit and I will be able to get flowers that I want.
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