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Default Re: Nothing about bow making~~Maternity Pics

Originally Posted by luvsfordpower View Post
Ha ha. Don't toss the memory card. They are good. I just gave in and bought a dslr to replace my slr and point and click, since the point and click croaked during dd's bday party. I highly recommend getting an account with Picnik if you don't already have one. I have a pro account and love it compared to photoshop. The lomo filter would look awesome with these pics.
HEHE I almost tossed it anyway...well atleast the first one. We got 1/4 way into the shoot and my memory card went biserk. I had to have DH bring me my new card. Atleast I got it fix now and was even able to recover the ones off it. I have heard a lot of good things about picnik...I'll definatly check it out. I am just learning PSE and I love it. I got it last Christmas but never could use it cause my old computer sucked.

Originally Posted by ellisandbrileesmom View Post
You did a really good job. I like the ones with the ribbon.
Thanks...those are some of my favorite ones too...we almost forgot to do them and then remembered. I had to drag everything back out of the car but it was so worth it.

Originally Posted by girlybaby View Post
those are gorgeous! i love the blue ribbon wrapped belly as well! make a very cute baby shower card
I actually have that picture on her shower card. I am not a huge fan of the card I made for her but I did exactly what she wanted and designed. I don't think it looks anything like a baby. They are doing a camo themed nursery (big hunter the whole family) and so they wanted a camo backround on their card.

Here are the three I've got for her to pick from. I couldn't really get creative with them b/c she already had a set plan in her head and won't deviate.... what do you think. I like the blue just to tie in the photo in the bottom, brighten the card, and add some of the BABY to the card.

EDITED B/c I uploaded the wrong files. I uploaded the ones with names, phone number and addresses instead of the blank ones above :-) its a morning thing

EDITED AGAIN B/c I uploaded the same one twice...grrr mornings
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