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Default Re: What are you doing for Labeling Requirement?

Originally Posted by rachel66 View Post
Love the stamp idea! Think I will copy you Sure vista has a free one right now!!

My only thing is---I dont ever remember when I make something! I put bows on bow holders until I pack up. Do you think I could do a date -- like 08/2009 for the DOM or does it have to be a specific date???

If we have the certs for the ribbon and clips--is that all we have to have??? I only order from TRR and RABOM and get clips from Sallys.

What about the flowers?

as far as the dates, anything you've made before Aug 14 doesn't need to be labeled. And if you read the link, it says something about labeling with the date it is packaged. since I make most of my items when ordered, it should be easy enough for me to keep track. If you make a lot ahead of time perhaps you can label the bow holders with the dates they are made so you know? I'm really not sure.

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