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Default Re: How to take great pictures....

The light box in the link above is a great tip but if you need some pictures before you can get that made or just do not have the time to make one then make sure you take the pictures up against a plain neutral backdrop like a white sheet or black sheet if you are taking pictures of light colored things. Also be sure to use good lighting like a natural light light bulb or do them outside. You do not want a bunch of things showing in the picture to distract from what you are actually trying to take a picture of. I can tell you that when I am looking at pictures when I am shopping boutiques I tend to look at the ones that are done on plain backgrounds where I can really see the item then the pictures of their children wearing them around the house or the item laying on their messy craft table. Also be sure to watermark your photos somewhere because I have heard lately about a lot of boutiques stealing other peoples pictures to use so be careful with that. HTH
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