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Thank you! So do you charge a dollar for the pony o, knot, and heat n bond, EACH or a dollar for all three together?

Originally Posted by gmcks2001 View Post
Here is the most recent pic of cheer bows I have made. The most expensive bow shown in this pic is $12.00. I have added a significant amount of bows since then, but have managed to keep my prices below $15. I'll take some pics of the newer ones and send on in the next couple of days.

As far as pricing goes, I charge a flat rate of $3.00 labor when working with plain grosgrain and $5.00 when working with sequin or spandex materials. Then I usually charge $1.00 per color of grosgrain used and $2.00 for each sequins color. Lastly, I charge an additional $1.00 for any heat n bond, pony-o and ribbon middle. Does that make any sense?
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