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Default Re: Pageant Question

Ebay is wonderful for pageant dresses...if your looking for pageant wear (for themed pageants) try ebay and etsy. That's where I got Madalynn's 4th of July wear (ETSY).

You need to decide what kind of pageants you are going to do...all natural, semi glitz, or glitz. All natural means no makeup, hairpeices, flippers, or spray tans. Semi-glitz (I may be a little off on this but you'll get the idea) can use lite age appropriate makeup if you want, small hairpeces, ect. Glitz is all out...flippers, spray tans, large hairpeices, heavy heavy makeup.

I personally do the natural and semi glitz (during the semi-glitz we still don't use any makeup). I don't want my baby growing up any faster than she has to. A little one a month younger than Madalynn in the last pageant had on eye liner, mascara, foundation, the really bothered DH to see it but hey it's the parents choice.

After you decide what kind of pageant you want to enter just google pageants in your area. That's how I found mine...hth
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