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Default Re: Baking surrounding loops

Originally Posted by forpaws View Post
Newbie question here: When you bake them, have you ever had a problem with the ribbon design bleeding all over itself?

Did I leave them in the oven too long?

Or starch too heavily? I think on that group I used aerosol starch because I hadn't mixed up my Sta-Flo yet. Could that be the problem?

Thanks! Your bows are gorgeous!
Make sure you bake your layers separately to avoid bleeding as much as possible. If it is still a problem, you can use small pieces of waxed paper as a barrier.

Originally Posted by sassyraspberry View Post
So what do you guys use to hold your bow up to keep it fluffy looking while baking? Or does the stay-flo do this?
The angles and the creases hold the loops so they are perky. After I drench my bows, I use my fingers to shape the bows while on the cookie sheet exactly how I want them to stay. The starch just keeps them from getting pushed out of shape and makes sure they are held in a perfectly symmetrical position.

Originally Posted by JNice123 View Post
cool idea. you can get the condiment cups for like 1.00 at walmart for 4.
Sweet! I will check this out! I need more and the dollar tree was out of my little glass bowls
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