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Default Re: Headband display

pooh! I dont have any PVC left to do the photos

This is what you need:
5 inch PVC tube (cut into 3 foot sections)
4 L brackets and screws
1 roll of shelf liner
spary adheasive or hot glue (we used the hot glue)
fabric to cover base
1 18*18 piece of wood (we used an old table leaf and cut it down worked great)

Cut your tube down to 3 feet,

sand the edges of your wood.

Center the pipe on the wood.

Drill a pilot hole on each side of the tube (4 holes total) this is where your L brackets will be placed

fasten the brackets to the pipe and to the wood

Cover the pipe with the shelf liner, this will help with your headbands to keep them from slipping off the pipe

Cover the base with pretty fabric to hide the ugly L brackets and you are done

to see waht these look like look at my past show pics (just not the last show lol I didnt use these displays, and I wish I would have casue I hardly sold ANY headbands!

These bases really bring people in!!!

HAve fun!
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