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Default Re: Urgent Please tell me it's possible

Alright these are not the best (hubby took them and was to lazy to move to the front of the room). Her crown arrive in the mail yesterday (stuck in customs in NY so didn't arrive for pageant) so I am gonna do a photoshoot this weekend with her (sunday maybe) so look for more pics early in the week.

Madalynn won prettiest eyes, most beautiful, and princess in her age division. She lost queen by only a few points and thats because she dirtied her pants right before going on stage (she one of those kids that has to be changed immediatly or she gets fussy). I couln't leave lineup to change her so she started screaming and I changed her right after and even the judges couldn't believe what a change it made. That's why her outfit is different in the last picture...I had to change her outfit too.

I took your card with me to the pageant and a couple people got the web address so maybe you'll get some good business from it...hopefully. She got tons of compliments on the hairbow and shoes (darn it you can't see her shoes in any of the time I take my aunt for picture taking)

madalynn blowing kisses to daddy

we got ready way to time we'll wait longer to keep her happy and occupied

On stage...she was so having a moment (y0u can see one of her bows on her shoes :-) )

on stage

awards ceremony (by this time she needed lunch and a

Thanks again!!!
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