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Default Re: What are you doing for Labeling Requirement?

Originally Posted by kglee View Post
I have tried contacting sally's through the Brentwood Beauty Labs, Int'l where the clips are distributed from and to get the certificate the recording said to call 1-800-777-5706 ext. 5910, which is Stephanie Taylor and I have a left a couple of messages and still nothing but I will try again tomorrow and see what I can come up with and let ya'll know

I use RABOM & TRR a lot and they have theirs on their sites
TRR(at the very bottom in bold)

I also have a couple others I believe but they are printed out....I will look through my mess of a desk and see if I can see which ones they are.

I think a thread with all of this info would be a great idea too!
I will keep in touch with ya on this subject & I bet between all of us we can get it all together! Thanks ladies
Okay Ladies....I finally got in touch with Stephanie Taylor (see above) and she said that they are the distributor and she is sending me an email and cc'ing the manufacturer with all of their info as well as all of my info that she got from me. She said that is how they are going about getting the letters out and said that way the manufacturer knows to contact me or that I will be contacting them for this info. She said that I should get this letter via email probably on Monday (she will be out tomorrow) and we will see from there. I will keep you posted on the progress and as soon as I get it (hopefully) I will definately let ya'll know and share it with you!!! If anyone else manages to get one before pleeeaaase let us know
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