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Default OMG...what happend to my bottlecaps?

I bought some pre-printed bottlecap images off ebay a while back. My MIL came over today and wanted to take some of my bottlecaps and scrabble tiles back to work with her to show co-workers. So, I went to get her a few samples and a bunch of them had discolored! They were all the same design ones. What do you think happened??? I'm sure that I put some of these in a store that carries my things and am freaking out that someone got a bad product. Ugh!

I posted a pic to show you the difference. The "big sister" cap is the one that is messed up. It kind of has a bluish cast to it. The "daddy's princess" next to it shows what the colors looked like before the freakish accident. And the little piggy cap is another one that I made from the same batch of ET. It came from the same person that I purchased the other images from that turned the bluish color. I have a few of these polka dot sayings one that I made up at the same time that I still had at home and they all turned funky blue. What could be the deal? It appears that they were all printed on the same paper. I know she normally prints at Walgreens. Also, all my caps have been stored in the same place since they were completed, so I would think if that were the issue all my caps would be bad.

Do you think she got a bad print/paper from Walgreens? I usually print my at Wal-mart. I'm definitely leery about using Walgreens for sure!
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