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Default Re: What are you doing for Labeling Requirement?

I have tried contacting sally's through the Brentwood Beauty Labs, Int'l where the clips are distributed from and to get the certificate the recording said to call 1-800-777-5706 ext. 5910, which is Stephanie Taylor and I have a left a couple of messages and still nothing but I will try again tomorrow and see what I can come up with and let ya'll know

I use RABOM & TRR a lot and they have theirs on their sites
TRR(at the very bottom in bold)

I also have a couple others I believe but they are printed out....I will look through my mess of a desk and see if I can see which ones they are.

I think a thread with all of this info would be a great idea too!
I will keep in touch with ya on this subject & I bet between all of us we can get it all together! Thanks ladies
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