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Originally Posted by AnnetteNikole View Post
cute! Not sure what camera you are using, but when there is that much white in a photo the camera's meter wants to make it grey... which is why they are turning out dark. one way to get the background white is to use a slightly transparent sheet of paper and have a light shined under it... it'll over expose the background making it pure white. But if your camera has control over the exposure, you can set your camera to make the photo lighter (so you'd be moving it to the + side of the numbers) If your camera can't do that, you can just adjust the levels in a photo editing program... the slide bar all the way to the right is for whites (and light colors) so move it to the left until the photo is lighter. If the colors get washed out from that you can move the middle (and/or left) slider back up to get the colors and contrast back. hope that helps
That helps tremendously!!!! Thank you so much! I have a Nikon D60 and am really just learning how to use it. I really appreciate the help.
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