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Default Re: D-flector/light box????

To set a custom white balance (or the evaluate white balance setting on some cameras) you can hold up a white card in the light you'll be shooting in and either take a picture with the whole frame filled with white (and use that to set) or there will be a little box in your view finder then you have to push a button to set from that... it just depends on your camera. A white piece of cardstock or index card usually work pretty good, but you can also get a grey card at a camera store that is used for white balance and light metering.

Originally Posted by ronnie View Post
Wow, that is a lot of information. Thank you. I am not a professional when it comes to cameras. I have a Cannon Power Shot SX100. It has so much stuff on there that I still need to learn.

I know how to make my settings to daylight, flourescent h, flourescent, tungsten, cloudy, AWB but I am not sure how to work the evaluate white balance setting. I also set my camera to Macro for the close up shots.
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