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Default Re: What are you doing for Labeling Requirement?

I found it (what mothermayi was refering to). In black and white ink!!! Written by the law makers!!!
"If a product surface would be impossible to mark permanently such as those made of elastics, beads, small pieces of fabric (such as jewelry, hair ornaments, etc.), or craft items like pipe stems, or natural rocks."
I found this on page 5 of this document:

I also read in the same article:
"Small volume manufacturers and crafters may be unlikely to use lot, batch or run numbers, and, again, the Commission does not interpret Section 103(a) to require them to create such a system. Nevertheless, reasonable practices should be in place by such manufacturers to keep records of components used in their products."

I suppose if you have consistent suppliers of your clips, ribbons and glue, etc than you should be fine. I haven't decided if I should try and keep a photographic journal with the bows I make so that I can say, "I used x,x,x and x to make this hair bow." Really the only thing that changes for me is the manufacturer of my ribbons and embellishments. I always use the same glue and clips.

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